Agar office ho to aisa; if you have an office it must be this

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If you must work in an office or hold meetings, it must be at Rafael’s, bar-cum-cafe-cum-resting place and much more on the Benaulim beach in South Goa.

For starters, it’s got the best (BSNL) wifi ever. Second, the coffee’s great, the omelette (egg white almost without oil) is perfect and the boss, Darryl, has no compunctions in making it himself.

So, when I landed at Rafael’s – after settling down in our old haunt of the La’mour Beach Resort close by – it was a treat. All that you wanted to do was to just sit, do nothing, gaze into the sea and drink.

And, to top it all, you can have excellent conversation with Darryl, the man from Sydney and Goa, who calls Rafael’s a labour of love. Darryl was reluctant to be photographed.

From the beautiful Malaysian tables (cost him a bomb, Darryl said) in the cafe, to the tasteful bar, and the fantastic-looking kitchen, everything has been done with care and attention.

The attention to detail, so lacking in many establishments, was apparent – the heavy, transparent plastic sheets ensuring that no rain got in but the view to the beach and the sea remained uninterrupted.

Sitting and smoking at the back of Rafael’s, Darryl told me that he had been working with a leading tech company in Sydney and his family was still there. And, at some point, he was likely to go back to Australia.

“My brother will run the place when I return to Sydney,” he told me as and when he returned.

Darryl also told me that he had no experience in running a cafe or a bar. But here was this super place.

Having seen Rafael’s, I can say with some confidence that people who don’t know the first thing about something should first learn and then just do it!


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