Minding the Gap between Goa and Gurgaon

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It’s not easy to write about Goa from Gurgaon. Your worldview tends to be different when you’re out of Goa. But, anyway, I’m being brave and am doing it.

There’s little doubt in my mind that its one of the most restful places that you can go to. Even in Goa, there are grades. Cavala, a boutique hotel in Baga, is one of those where I have found more rest than in other places.

So, returning to Cavala was like returning to my second home. But this is not about Cavala (a theme about which I will write about), it’s about the roaming that I did around Cavala.

The gearless Honda scooter took me to Morjim and Aswem beaches and places about which I did not keep notes. I think its Goa’s fault that I didn’t keep those notes.

On many occasions, holidays have meant looking after young children or having no fursat from drinking, eating, lying on the beach or just hanging around.

So, this time there was none of that in my Cavala stay. I roamed around to my heart’s content, stopping, talking, eating and hanging around at any place that caught my fancy.

Apart from the revelation that Morjim and Aswem beaches are quietly stunning, I came to know that there are many, many old lovely, bungalows in the bylanes, which tend to elude tourists. (They are probably well known to property dealers and land sharks though!).

Just to drive around and look at them from the outside was good enough for me. There weren’t too many people around though so I could not really ask anyone for a peek inside these splendid houses.

But, the old houses are disappearing.

So, next time you are in Goa, do look up the old houses because they are going, going, gone…


6 thoughts on “Minding the Gap between Goa and Gurgaon

  1. Enjoy in a hurry. DLF Phase MM, soon to be right next to the Baga Megamall (1 Km of shopping on each floor!).


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